Coalition History

In September of 2000 a group of dedicated explorers went on a four-day expedition, paddling the 46 miles of the Blackstone River. During this adventure, the team explored the river’s resources and shared their findings. They wanted to coordinate with others to revitalize the Blackstone River. From Expedition 2000, the Blackstone River Coalition was formed!

The BRC is a group of organizations representing thousands of individuals whose interest is the regeneration of the Blackstone River. One of the Coalition’s goals is to reinvigorate the “grassroots” and “can do!” spirit of the original “ZAP the Blackstone” project. That event,which took place on September 9, 1972 along the Blackstone River, consisted of 10,000 volunteers who took it upon themselves to remove more than 10,000 tons of debris from the banks and water of the Blackstone River.

It is with the same spirit and vigor that the BRC continues the work necessary to “Make the River Fishable and Swimmable”.