Phase II Permit Objectives

The In Business for the Blackstone program can help municipalities address the requirements of the Phase II Stormwater Permit and help protect the community’s natural resources

The Blackstone River Coalition’s (BRC) In Business for the Blackstone is a voluntary leadership program that educates small and mid-size companies in the watershed on the detriments of polluted stormwater and encourages the adoption of good housekeeping practices that can reduce the risk of contaminants in their runoff. These practices are easy to adopt, have little or no related implementation cost, and can benefit the company’s bottom line. They include:

  1. Clean and maintain storm drains and catch basins regularly
  2. Keep parking lot and loading area clean
  3. Design lot features that infiltrate, filter, or detain runoff
  4. Use environmentally-sensitive landscaping practices
  5. Ensure dumpsters remain closed and leak-proof/li>
  6. Move stored materials indoors or keep properly covered
  7. Wash vehicles and equipment responsibly
  8. Conduct routine maintenance on vehicles to prevent leaks
  9. Make a spill response plan and clean-up kit accessible
  10. Train employees on good housekeeping practices

The program provides outreach materials, technical assistance, and public recognition to those interested in being better stewards.

So what does this have to do with the town’s NPDES Phase II Stormwater Discharge Permit?

The In Business program can help your municipality address four of the six minimal control measure requirements of the Phase II Permit for small municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s):

  1. As part of providing Public Education and Outreach to inform citizens about the impacts of polluted stormwater runoff, the EPA recommends that towns direct materials and programs toward commercial, industrial, and institutional entities.
  2. BMPs referenced under Public Participation/Involvement include activities that are currently offered by the In Business program and/or a local watershed association partner, including volunteer water quality monitoring, educators/speakers, storm drain stenciling, community clean-ups, and citizen watch groups.
  3. The BRC’s annual Water Quality Monitoring Report Card and its local stream teams can support the municipality’s objective to develop and implement a plan to Detect and Eliminate Illicit Discharges to the storm sewer system and the In Business program can be used to educate public employees, businesses, and the general public about the importance of properly disposing waste.
  4. Enrolling municipal buildings the building managers in the In Business for the Blackstone program can help the town meet the Pollution Prevention/ Good Housekeeping measure that involves the implementation of a program that can prevent or reduce polluted runoff from municipal operations and the education of staff on how to incorporate pollution prevention’good housekeeping techniques.
  5. What will the municipality have to do?
    It’s easy! The In Business program can be launched in your town with just three steps:

    1. Allow us the opportunity review the In Business program with the Board of Selectmen and Director of Public Works. We would also welcome the Town Planner and the Conservation Commission where appropriate.
    2. Designate a municipal representative or team that will partner with the BRC to ensure that we effectively support the town’s goals and objectives.
    3. Partner with us on a press release that will be sent to community newspapers to announce the town’s endorsement of the In Business program.
  6. Then what?
    Our tailored outreach strategy can include:

    1. A supply of information packets that can be made available at the town hall;
    2. A tax bill insert to inform businesses of the leadership program and services;
    3. Educational seminars for children, residents, municipal leaders, and businesses;
    4. A customized public service video that can be shown on the local cable station;
    5. Activities to educate and involve students in efforts that protect area waterways;
    6. Technical support to identify opportunities/strategies to minimize polluted runoff;
    7. A demonstration site that can be used to educate community members;
    8. Window decals that can be displayed in municipal buildings to raise awareness around theIn Business program and demonstrate support;
    9. Reports of measurable results associated with outreach activities; and
    10. Follow up publicity that benefits the town and the local businesses.

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