In Business for the Blackstone

You are invited to join a leadership program hosted by the Blackstone River Coalition

The Blackstone River Coalition (BRC) offers this program to encourage small and mid-size companies in the Watershed to be In Business for the Blackstone and adopt good housekeeping practices that will minimize the pollution associated with stormwater from rain and snowmelt. In addition to protecting our local water bodies, this leadership program provides public recognition to those who support the campaign as our way of saying thank you.

Why is this issue important?

Polluted storm water runoff is the most significant unaddressed cause of water quality problems today. Precipitation that travels over paved surfaces collects contaminants such as chemicals, oil, metals, litter, and debris and carries them to the storm drain, which often discharges directly into local lakes and rivers. Small changes in your company’s practices can prevent this from occurring.

Who can participate?

  • If your business uses a dumpster, accepts deliveries at a loading dock, uses toxic chemicals, maintains a fleet of vehicles, has a lawn area, and/or owns a parking lot, this program is for you!
  • Any company located in the Blackstone River Watershed that is not required by state law to implement a storm water management program can be In Business for the Blackstone.

What can this program do for you?

The BRC will provide those that are In Business with recognition that can provide the company with a unique competitive advantage and strengthen its position within the community. Rewards include a window decal, certificate, photo, and recognition in press releases.

What do you have to do?

It’ easy! Just establish a few no- or low-cost good housekeeping practices in your facility. The program is focused on measures that are easy to adopt and provides guidance on how to incorporate them into your operations.

Why would you adopt these practices?

All businesses, large and small, retail and manufacturing, have conditions that pose a risk for polluted storm water runoff. By adopting some good housekeeping practices your company can:

  • Have a facility that impresses customers and makes employees proud;
  • Minimize business risks and operational expenses: and
  • Protect the health of community members, wildlife, and local waterways.

By making small no/low-cost changes in your company’s; daily routines, you can play a major role in protecting our water bodies and supporting the Blackstone River Coalition’s goal to make the Blackstone “Fishable and Swimmable”.

How does the In Business program work?

To be In Business for the Blackstone a company should take steps to incorporate some of these Top Ten Good Housekeeping Practices into the daily operational routines:

Top Ten Good Housekeeping Practices (GHPs):

  1. Clean and maintain storm drains and catch basins regularly.
  2. Keep parking lot and loading area clean.
  3. Design lot features that infiltrate, filter, or detain runoff.
  4. Use environmentally-sensitive landscaping practices.
  5. Ensure dumpsters remain closed and leak-proof.
  6. Move stored materials indoors or keep properly covered.
  7. Wash vehicles and equipment responsibly.
  8. Conduct routine maintenance on vehicles to prevent leaks.
  9. Make a spill response plan and clean-up kit accessible
  10. Train employees on good housekeeping practices.

To Participate:

  1. Sign the Enrollment Form and submit it to the Blackstone River Coalition.
  2. A packet of educational materials that provide guidance on implementing GHPs will be sent to you.
  3. Identify opportunities and incorporate good housekeeping practices into operational routines.

Be In Business for the Blackstone
— Starting Today!
To learn more or to schedule a presentation,
contact Peter Coffin at
or 508-753-6087.

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