What We’re Doing

What we’re doing is working collaboratively to win the Campaign for a Fishable/Swimmable Blackstone River.

Cold Water Fishery Protection

The BRC has received $25,000 from the Massachusetts Environmental Trust grant program to bolster our three project priority areas: 1) support of Year 15 of our award-winning Blackstone River Coalition watershed-wide volunteer water quality monitoring program; 2) focus on MA cold water fishery streams in the Blackstone River watershed where we have long-running monitoring sites; 3) conduct an education and outreach program in the cold-water fishery sub-watershed communities, including the four cwfs in urban Worcester (Tatnuck Brook, Ararat Brook, Coal Mine Brook and Poor Farm Brook), and the 9 cwfs in the mill towns of Grafton, Upton, Sutton, Northbridge, Douglas, Uxbridge (Cold Spring Brook, Centerville Brook, Cook Allen Brook, Miscoe Brook, Warren Brook, Meadow Brook, Emerson Brook, Bacon Brook, and the West River).

Campaign for a fishable-swimmable Blackstone River

In order to marshall the resources to actually clean up the Blackstone River, in 2003 the Blackstone River Coalition launched the Campaign for a Fishable/Swimmable Blackstone River.

To build a roadmap for the Campaign, the BRC is working with federal, state and local agencies, as well as non-profit organizations, academic institutions and businesses to create a bi-state watershed action plan.

To improve water quality to achieve a fishable/swimmable Blackstone River, the Campaign focuses on the following:

Stormwater management

Wastewater treatment

Land use

  • Protecting undeveloped areas, restoring wetlands and riparian areas, protecting cold water fishery streams, encouraging Low Impact Development strategies such as reducing impervious surfaces, increasing infiltration, and planting native species.

Stream flow

  • Restoring flow by methods such as:

Recreational opportunities

  • Continuing to build a system of river access points to increase opportunities for fishing, canoeing and enjoying passive recreation

Education and outreach

  • Developing programs to increase watershed awareness and appreciation and encouraging active stewardship

A two-tiered campaign:

The grassroots level

The business level

Federal, state and local environmental agencies are working collaboratively to help reach our goal of a fishable/swimmable Blackstone River.